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​I'm a Southern Belle from Mississippi, and I graduated with a dual BA degree in English and History from the University of Southern Mississippi.  I enjoy the challenge of editing the narratives and creating the photos and designs for the covers. I've always been an avid reader, and polishing Gene's original writing is exciting: I'm​ privy to the private thoughts of someone who—not yet but one day soon—will be considered a damn good writer. I'm the modern-day muse for his modern-day masterpieces.

Book Cover for Metamorphosis 1983

Bernice Isaacs - Editor

After an adventurous life in the Marine Corps, the GI Bill helped me earn a BA in Creative Writing (specializing in Literary Fiction) from the University of Arizona.  I deliberately don't write about myself; however, what I am and what I've done has undoubtedly, although unintentionally, colored my narratives.  I create a diverse cast of fictional characters, put them in problematic and often dangerous situations, and let them tell me their experiences. Practicality and cussedness often trump institutionalized correctness in both their lovings and their deadly brawls. I enjoy hearing their tales, and I hope you'll enjoy reading my version of them.

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